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A few AWESOME videos of Naked Sushi!

Below are  a few things naked sushi's been featured...

Master Chef (Season 2)

Back befoe he was a chef our founder and now Executive Chef served naked sushi to Gordon Ramsay! How cool is that?​​

Playboy's 69 things 2 do before you die!

Imagine that! Naked Sushi is one of the things you should put on your bucket list. Featuring our very best ladies Christine and Akira!​​

Naked Sushi on Bizzare Foods TV Show!

That's right Clelbrity Chef Andrew Zimmern and friends enjoying Nyotaimori as an aphrodisiac culinary experience.​

Naked Sushi on channel 7 News!

So how about some high end Sushi and Sake/Wine tasting?​​

Chef Christian on FOX TV!

When you get to enjoy naked sushi with us your also getting a chance to dine with our chef!​​

Naked Sushi on the Doctor's Show!

Another awesome opportunity to enjoy the health benefits of eating sexy food!​​

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