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1) How much does this service cost?


Pricing depends upon the type of options and the type of party or function you are seeking to enjoy. Please check out our packages section for basic food pricing. Model rates depend on state of undress and duration of your event.


2) How long do these parties last? 


Most parties typically last 2 hours in duration. However longer periods such as those for corporate type parties are easily arrangeable.


3) What makes your service superior to others?


Great question. Naked Sushi specializes in the creation of sexy culinary inspired parties and events as one of the world's greatest foodie type indulgences.  We begin by creating a custom menu that typically showcases cuisine not availabe at your local restaurant. Your party is then serviced by an elite team of professional hostess staff that has been individually chosen for their professionalism, attitude and beauty. This rare ombination and dedication to service is why we are the #1 nyotaimori body sushi caterer in the world.


4) How does your cuisine compare to other sushi bars and Asian restaurants?


Every recipe is researched both locally and nationally based on customer preferences and reviews. Our chefs then set out to create the most decadent versions of the most popular dishes. Additionally, we are then able to see what is not being done by very well established restaurants. This in turn allows us to create completely original signature dishes.  Quite honestly we have a few signature dishes that don't exist anywhere else but will absolutely blow your mind.


5) Can we request our model of choice?


Yes, absolutely! All of our models are available by request. However they are based on availability.


6) Can special model requests be made?


Absolutely! However our normal booking rates do not apply in most caes for special requests. You are incouraged however to make your request and we'll try to facilitate your model request at the best pricing. 


7) How does a typical party work?


Typcially our culinary team or chef arrives an hour early for set up. However this is only the case when we cater outside our facility and is party specific. Some parties require us to set up several hours in advance. So each is taken on a case by case basis. Afterwards our model staff arrives. Depending on the scenario the sushi model is required to take a shower or having taken a shower no more than 30 minutes prior to the start of your party.


8) Do you provide models for other caterers, event planners or sushi bars?


It depends on the type of party if it's solely naked sushi then a typically no. Most of our team is contractually bound to work with specific vendors and chefs. It doesn't do us much good as we are not able to advertise that we were responsible for the quality of service. There are of course exceptions, but that very rare.  


9) Does Naked Sushi provide full nude nyotaimori body sushi? 


Yes we do. However that's based on the models descretion.


10) Can pictures or video be taken?


Pictures and video can be taken but must come with the models approval.


11) Do you have facilities for parties to be thrown in?


Yes, we do. We currently have facilities in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.


12) Does your service travel to different states?


Absolutely, yes! We can throw a party just about anywhere. The only stipulation being that we have time to properly plan your function.


13) I am flying into Las Vegas, how much time is needed to reserve or book your services?


In Las Vegas we can do your party in most cases with in 24 hours notice. In Los Angeles it's 48- 72 hours depending on the size of your party.


14) How large of a party can you cater for?


With our current staff size we can effectively cater a party of 300 guests or so.


15) Does Naked Sushi "SPONSOR" events?


Yes we do. Sponsorships are on a case by case basis.  Give us a call or contact us and we'll see what we can do for you.


16)  I'm a model and I would like to apply for a position. How do I apply?


You can apply by sening us 2-3 photos of yourself along with a resume to We'll contact you shortly if we're interested.


17) Im a food writer or journalist, can I come along to one of your parties and cover the event?


Yes you can. Permission however lies with our patrons. If they decide that it's alright then you are more than welcome to cover the event. 


18) Does Naked Sushi provide "Exotic Dancers" and or Escorts as part of your service?


Sorry. Naked Sushi does not provide those types of services. 


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